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Company Culture

"Technology first, technological innovation" is the inexhaustible driving force for the sustainable development of Minghai. Science and technology are changing rapidly in today's market. Without continuous innovation, it will be eliminated. Minghai knows that only water can not be corrupted, and the rapids can only compete in fierce competition. The market is neutral and unbeaten.

Innovation is customer-oriented, technology is changing for you, customer demand is the standard of Minghai innovation, and the market trend is the direction of Minghai innovation. Innovative technology and quality improvement can create real value for customers, enhance customers, strengthen themselves, repay the society, and achieve a win-win model for customers, enterprises and society.

Technological innovation relies on a steady stream of technical support. We invest 10% of our sales each year in research and development, which is several times the proportion of R&D investment in the industry. Minghai has a number of high-level chemistry professionals as the core of the company's research and development, and has established long-term cooperative relationships with many domestic research institutions and university counterpart professional teams to ensure the best combination from talents to equipment, continuous research and development, Strictly experimented and prudently applied, the scientific research results are applied to high-quality products, from scientific research, production, sales and service integration services, to continuously lead the market and satisfy customers.